Atlantic Coast Radio, LLC

  1. Employment Unit covered:

Atlantic Coast Radio, LLC.
779 Warren Avenue,
Portland, Maine 04103

  • WPEI-FM, Saco, Maine
    WPPI-FM, Topsham, Maine
    WJJB-FM, Gray, Maine
    WLOB-AM, Portland, Maine
    WRED-AM, Westbrook, Maine
    W263BZ, Portland, Maine
    W223BH, Portland, Maine


1  Reporting Period:
   November 20, 2016 to November 19, 2017

2.  Full-time Vacancies Filled during Reporting Period:

3.  Recruitment/referral sources Used to seek Candidates for Each vacancy:
    Ads on our radio stations, job postings on Southern Maine Help, Craigslist,
mailers to our Community Contact list.

4. Total number of interviews for all full-time vacancies filled during Reporting period
Per recruitment /referral sources.

Atlantic Coast Radio, LLC (“Atlantic”), has set up a comprehensive outreach and recruitment program designed to widely disseminate information regarding full-time job opportunities at the stations. Atlantic advertises many of its job openings on the air over its broadcast stations.

Despite the fact that we had no job openings during the reporting period, we continued with our annual Job Fair and Career Day outreach events. Because of a late date for the 2016 Job Fair, we ended up with two Job Fairs and one Career Day during the reporting period.

The 2016 Job Fair was held on November 30th at our usual venue the downtown waterfront Portland Residence Inn Marriot Hotel, on Fore Street. Six people attended. All were recruited through our radio ads. We ran 83 ads on each of our formats throughout a ten- day period. We utilized one on line employment website, We also sent a mailer out to our community group contact list. Half of the participants were interested in programming and half were interested in sales. We are always on the look out for sales talent in these events. There was now further action taken by sales management on any of the attendees.

The 2017 Career Day was held on June 27, 2017 at the radio station. As in previous years, we required participants to schedule an interview with us. We promoted this strictly as a sales focused event. We received several phone inquiries as to whether there was an open position, and we informed those that inquired that there was not an open position. Despite running 121 announcements on each of our stations, and utilizing ads on two employment websites, and craigslist, we had no attendees. In the past, we would have had seven to ten people book an interview, and three to five show up. We suspect that with the unemployment rate running at three per cent, and the lack of an open position, led to the failure to attract any attendees.

The 2017 Job Fair at the Residence Inn Portland Waterfront Hotel was held on November 15, 2017. Despite limiting the Job Fair to those interested in sales, we had three participants. Two had prior broadcast sales experience. We only advertised for one week on air, and online. We ran forty- eight announcements on each of our stations and ads in Craigslist and We also sent out notices to our Community Group contact list. There were two qualified candidates in attendance.

Twice annually, in April and December, Atlantic Coast Radio has aired announcements on all its stations soliciting contact information from any community group that seeks to add its name to our community group list to receive postings and notification on our annual Job Fair, Career Day, or any permanent openings that may occur. Since the last reporting period, we have received no requests from additional Community groups to be added to the list.