In 2011, Ms. Baker came to Norton through the acquisition of her firm, C. Baker & Associates of Yarmouth. Throughout her career, she has enjoyed providing creative solutions and a high level of service to her clients. Her commitment and enthusiasm has been a constant source of positive energy for the Norton team.

Ms. Baker is an accomplished classical violinist who plays with the celebrated Midcoast Symphony Orchestra of Brunswick, Maine. In fact, she transitioned from being a full-time musician to the corporate world when a friend suggested she pursue a career outside the practice room. She subsequently worked for Fortune 500 companies in Seattle, Washington, and New Jersey before settling here in Maine.

In a farewell letter to clients, Ms. Baker recently wrote: “As you may know… personal events have re-shaped my perspective on life and forced me to closely examine what is important to me and how I want to spend my time. As I embark on this next phase, I am excited about what the future holds, and I plan to explore my creative side and reach beyond my existing passion for classical music.”

She continued: “My experience at Norton Financial Services has been wonderful…I can honestly say my colleagues are some of the best people in the business, and many of them will remain lifelong friends. And what can I say about my clients? You have all been an amazing part of my life. I will miss you all. “

Ms. Baker is looking forward to recharging her batteries with her family as she discovers and creates the next chapter in her life. All of us at Norton thank her for her many contributions, for her outstanding knowledge, and for her ever present humor. We wish her every success.

Ms. Baker retired on February 13, 2015.